Personal Trainers in London

Soul Active are a mobile team of personal trainers in London, learn more about our London personal trainers – meet the Soul Active team:

Duncan Edwards

Lead Trainer
At Soul Active I want only the best; those who combine the modern way of thinking in regards to training with the professionalism and standard of work of the past.

I believe good health and quality training should be available to all, not just the privileged few and I am proud to provide the top personal trainers that London has to offer at affordable prices ensuring that those who really want to make a difference to their lives now really can.

Fun, passion, professionalism and drive. Complete dedication to the art for those who deserve it with a twist of fun thrown in from the side because that’s how we like it.

Denise Lombardi

Personal Trainer
From a young age, being physically active has been a focal point of my life, from ballet to yoga to Pilates to running. I consistently take on new challenges in my training get out of my comfort zone and push myself harder.

From my own experience and particularly as a personal trainer in London, I understand fitness is critical for self-maintenance of not only one’s appearance but also overall health and wellbeing. Fitness isn’t necessarily one size fits all, but is an adventure in self-discovery in body and mind. I believe in fitness without limits and I live it!

Tim Despic

Personal Trainer
My passion for sport and fitness started as a rugby player and winter sports fanatic however a constant desire to push myself further got me in to endurance and I am now an experienced marathon runner. I find a meditative space and focus that takes over when running distance and I am firm believer that fitness of the body can also enhance the mind.

Despite always attempting to push my boundaries to new levels I get the most reward from seeing clients progress and develop towards reaching their goals while enhancing their health and wellbeing.

Will Tuffin

Personal Trainer
Will is a highly skilled and passionate Personal trainer in London with a wealth of experience from working in some of London most exclusive gyms and studios. Having trained 1000s of people with a wide array of fitness goals, including the usual goals such as losing a couple of pounds and toning up, to helping people with injuries and postural issues. Will also brings experience from 6 years service in the British army where he was responsible for the fitness training of 200 + soldiers within his unit.

Wills a confident, friendly and approachable guy who can help motivate and support you towards achieving your desired fitness results.

Jessica Johnson

Personal Trainer
Jessica is passionate about physical exercise and inspiring people to believe that their fitness goals are achievable, and helping them to discover the importance of an active lifestyle both physically and emotionally. Jessica is experienced working with clients on a one to one basis, understanding their goals and providing the knowledge and motivation to get some great results. Her vibrant persona enables her to create a stimulating training environment where her clients feel comfortable, confident and focused.

So whether you are looking to shape up for your big day, a blooming mum to be, or need some extra help losing that baby weight. Jessica is a friendly, confident and knowledgeable trainer with a passion for fitness and nutrition. She has developed a reputation as being a client focused trainer with the flexibility to constantly deliver exciting and challenging sessions based on her clients goals, experience and technical ability.